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When it comes to Breakfasts with friends & family , I love to put on a visual show.  I want my guests to feel like they are going to be eating with their eyes, before they even sit down to try the spread laid out in front of them. I have teamed up with OKA to share with you some of my top tips for pulling off a gorgeous Tablescape Breakfast, and for being a host so brilliant, that they may not want to leave…

Tip 1. It’s all about the details. When you’re laying a table, you tend to add a tablecloth first, then you would add the tableware, cutlery and mugs etc, but how could you jazz it up a little? I was working with wood tones with blues and whites for this theme, so by adding a slice of Orange onto the plate, your eye is instantly drawn to that citrusy pop of colour! Try and stick to 3 main colours like you see here, and then add colour and texture in the form of flowers, food or table accessories.

Add quirky pieces to your table. I adore these Salt & Pepper Pigs, they are such a fun conversation starter, and work beautifully on the table.

Tip 2. Always make sure you have fresh juice on your table in a statement jug. If you are anything like me in the mornings, I love to have both a glass of juice and caffeine nearby.


Tip 3. Are you a savoury or sweet person for Breakfast? Forget sad, soggy cornflakes & bacon sandwiches, go that extra mile by allowing them to ‘ pimp their own’. We love to provide two simple options, usually pancakes with different flavour combinations, (maple syrup, fruit, chocolate, jams) or the humble but mighty toast, (bacon, fried eggs, smashed avocado, jams). By giving your guests a choice, you are also allowing for some much needed brain stimulation first thing in the morning.

Tip 4. Add colour where you can. I love adding a fruit platter in the middle of the table so people can pick at it and add fruit onto their plates when they want. By adding the faux flowers, you are guaranteed a bloom all year round, that needed floral element, and by adding it into a statement neutral vase, it really adds height and elevates the flowers from the rest of the table. You want your guests to be looking around the table rather than at just their plates. I propped some wooden boards for a bit of needed texture.

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