The Snow Storm

The Snow Storm came around a few years ago when we had little ingredients left in our pantry and we were about to host some holiday drinks with friends.

The results ended up being DELICIOUS, and we have made this cocktail every year since!
Ingredients ( serves four)
900ml  Cream Gin Liqueur
100ml Orange Liqueur
40 ml Coconut Cream
Ice to serve
Persimmon to Serve
Grated Nutmeg
1) Place four glasses down, ad add 2-3 ice cubes in each. Using a cocktail shaker, add 4 cubes of ice, Gin Liqueur, Orange Liqueur ,Coconut Cream and shake for 1 minute. Pour four equal measurements into each glass.
2)Slice the Persimmon into slices, slice halfway into each slice, and add to the side of the glass.
3)Grate some fresh nutmeg on top of each glass and serve immediately.

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