Chocolate Hazelnut Croissants with Raspberries & Pistachio’s

These can be made as a decadent breakfast for four, think Birthday’s, Christmas Morning and any other excuse to eat like Royalty. They are also a brilliant dessert, serve them as they are or with a drizzling of melted chocolate.


4 All Butter Croissants

250ml Double Cream
85g 70% Dark Chocolate
3 Heaped Tablespoons of Hazelnut Spread
50g Raspberries, halved
30g Pistachios , roughly chopped
In a large mixing bowl, pour in the double cream. Either using a hand whisk or a whisk, beat the cream until soft peaks form.

Add the dark chocolate into a small , microwave safe bowl, and pop into the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Taking it out in 30 second intervals to stir the chocolate off bottom of the bowl ( as that is where the chocolate will melt first).

Add your melted chocolate into the whipped cream, and gently, using a spatula, stir in until combined.
Slice each croissant in half.
Add to a piping back, snip off the end and squeeze onto the bottom half of croissant. Top with halved raspberries and the roughly chopped pistachios. Serve immediately.

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